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dion hitchings


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Portraits on Recycled Consumer Boxes

Within my artwork I have found my own “unique world” which has no rules or boundaries.
My inspirations are varied and vast, everything from dreams and Indians, nuns and demons,
the Jerry Springer Show and chickens to sins and celebrities. My world and therefore my art,
is guaranteed to be colorful, self-revealing, emotional, childlike and
an “eye full” to all who view it.

I purposely choose to use untraditional media. I create my works with various
children’s art supplies including, crayons, magic markers, highlighters and colored pens.
Using commercial box tops instead of traditional drawing surfaces has enabled me to
break down pre-existing print, images, and textures while allowing the type and pictures
from the box itself to become organically part of the portrait.
During the creative process, I discovered the need to deconstruct then reconstruct the face
to fit within the shape of the box.  The results are portraits that have a shattered appearance with broken and missing pieces but also form a more powerful, interesting and often disturbing viewpoint.

Portraits on Recycled Consumer Boxes
will offers a glimpse into my own unique world, that is filled with altered and more
complex viewpoints and an opportunity for the viewer to
Think Outside the Box. 

radius cover and cover story/september-october 2014


my dtown cover story

august 2011



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